In recent years, CBD has grown in popularity. Today, more and more individuals are using CBD to improve their well-being and health. There are a lot of reasons why they include taking CBD in their daily routines.  

One of the biggest benefits of CBD is that you can take it in a lot of various methods. This includes applying CBD cream, taking in capsule form, consuming oil drops, mixing it with drinks, and much more.  

If you’re new to CBD, you’re probably wondering how long the compound stays in your system. Fortunately for you, we’re going to help.  

Before you search “where can I buy CBD oil” on Google, here are several factors you should know that affect how long CBD stays in your system: 

What Do You Eat? 

Keep in mind that what and when you eat greatly affects the metabolism of your body. Your body will take longer to flush CBD from your system if you take it with food, or you’ve got food in your stomach.  

Your body is going to digest CBD faster if you take it on an empty stomach. Because of this, CBD will leave your system a lot faster compared to when your stomach is full. 

How is Your Metabolism? 

One huge aspect that determines how long CBD stays in your system is how slow or fast your metabolism is.  

If you’ve got fast metabolism, it will process the substance a lot quicker compared to a person with a slow metabolism. Because of this, CBD will not stay in your system for a long period.  

How Do You Consume CBD? 

For those who don’t know, the method you use in taking CBD can affect how long it stays in your system.  

If you like to take CBD through the vape, you should expect the product to leave your body as soon as possible. The reason for this is that vape enters your body quickly. Thus, it will leave your body quickly as well. 

If you drop CBD oil under your tongue, your body will absorb it quickly. However, it will stay in your system for a long period.  

If you drink CBD or eat food, your body will require time to process it. This means they will take a long time to work. However, you can guarantee that the CBD will stay in your system for a long period.  

How Much CBD Do You Consume? 

This factor is almost the same as how frequently you consume CBD. You should expect CBD to stay in your system for a long period if you use higher doses.  

This applies to both the volume and strength of the CBD you are taking. Thus, it is crucial to understand the does size and strength of your CBD. 

How Frequently Do You Consume CBD? 

You should expect CBD to be out of your system in a matter of days if you have consumed CBD for a single day and then stopped for a week. However, you still have to consider other factors such as your weight, height, and more.  

On the other hand, if you consume CBD every day, it will stay in your system for a longer period.